Tree Removal

In situations where tree removal is necessary, we offer complete tree removal and disposal solutions. We often undertake tree removal operating in tight conditions that requires considered planning and complex dismantling of the tree to preserve surrounding land and property. Our skilled and experienced staff undertake ongoing accredited training ensuring safety and industry best practice is maintained.

We make good use of the all debris generated from our operations, either as logwood for woodworking or fuel, or chipping the material to create mulch which can be applied to gardens to nourish other trees and plants.

To offset the impact of tree removal we offer advice and services for replacement tree planting.

Tree Work Permit Applications
Some municipalities require a permit to carry out tree works. Logical Tree Management can identify if the pruning will require a permit, and for an additional fee can assist in preparing your permit applications. Please speak to the staff member who attends to your quote and they can arrange the necessary paperwork for you.

Your trees, our care . . .