Tree Pruning

Pruning landscape trees can be necessary to control growth, maintain aesthetics, reduce risk and promote tree health. Improper pruning however can cause irreversible damage, and may shorten a tree’s life.

Logical Tree Management understands how to prune trees, and we are also good listeners. Our arborist will work with you to meet your requirements whilst applying best practice pruning. Where appropriate we undertake works to the Australian Standard for the Pruning of Amenity Trees (AS4373).

Aspects of tree pruning

Young and Establishing Trees
Often overlooked, pruning young trees during their early establishment is important for developing good form and structure. This type of pruning can reduce the need for remedial pruning in future.

Established trees
Pruning established trees is undertaken to modify or manipulate growth and form, to improve appearance, maintain tree health and reduce risk.

Pruning may be undertaken on the entire tree to reduce the height and spread or thin the canopy for increased light penetration. In some instances specific branches are removed or shortened to alter tree appearance, improve light penetration under the canopy and provide clearance above paths, lawns, and roads and interference with adjacent objects and structures.

The removal of dead and dying branches assists in maintaining tree health and reducing the risk of harm to people and property from falling branches. Removing or rectifying structurally weak or compromised branches is undertaken to also reduce risk.

Specialised Pruning
Hedging and shaping of shrubs, pollarding and training.

Tree Work Permit Applications
Some municipalities require a permit to carry out tree works. Logical Tree Management can identify if the pruning will require a permit, and for an additional fee can assist in preparing your permit applications. Please speak to the staff member who attends to your quote and they can handle the necessary paperwork for you.

Your trees, our care . . .