Tree Planting & Transplanting


For single or large scale tree supply and planting projects, Logical Tree Management has a network of advanced tree and palm suppliers to source a wide variety of quality advanced stock, whilst keeping abreast of the newly released varieties. We can advise on the appropriate species for your project and install the trees using methods designed to maximise establishment success.

Supply and planting is only half the story to successful installation. We offer a comprehensive establishment maintenance program to ensure successful plant establishment. This includes mulching, watering, pest control, weeding, and formative pruning.

Transplanting Mature Palms

Mature palms create iconic landscape elements adding aesthetic and architectural interest to landscapes. Palms have a compact fibrous root system which allows them to be readily lifted and transplanted to provide an instant landscape impact. When moved at the right time of year, transplanted palms will, with aftercare maintenance, recover rapidly.

Preparing, lifting and moving established palms can be a large and detailed undertaking. Logical Tree Management staff has over twenty years experience and knowledge of sourcing, harvesting, transporting and installing established palm trees.

Transplanting Mature Trees

Trees develop a spreading woody root system, and each tree presents a unique set of considerations. Transplanting woody trees can be a complex process often involving innovative and novel approaches to the process, requiring specialised excavation, and lifting equipment. In addition to the tree and site preparation and relocation operation, establishment maintenance is a critical component of the transplanting process.

When considering transplanting woody trees, we offer initial consultation to determine the merits of the project and provide advice on methods and process and realistic indication of pricing.

Your trees, our care . . .