Root Zone Management

Soil Remediation
To alleviate the impact of soil compaction and improve soil fertility and structure, Logical Tree Management provide a variety of treatments including radial trenching, core drilling,  and surface decompacting using compressed air to loosen dense soils. Where required we then add an organic soil blend to improve soil structure and water holding capacity, encouraging soil biota to provide a healthy rooting environment.

Soil Nutrients
The application organic materials and extracts, fertilisers and beneficial soil microorganisms can enhance soil properties, promoting nutrient delivery to trees and plants. Logical Tree Management offers a comprehensive tree health diagnostic service to identify soil disorders and provides effective solutions.

We coordinate our experience and resources with laboratory testing to identify nutritional disorders using both soil samples and where necessary plant tissue analysis. Based on the results we can prescribe and apply the right additives to regain a balanced soil, stimulating healthy plant growth.

Root Collar and Root Structure Analysis
To assist in diagnosing root related health and structural problems, we use our specialized non-destructive excavation equipment to quickly and easily excavate around the base of trees for inspection of the root collar and structural roots.

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