Pest and Disease

Logical Tree Management can help manage a range of tree and palm pests and diseases saving your trees and palms, prolonging their life.

Trees and palms take decades to grow and when mature, a well-placed specimen can provide years of benefit, enhancing liveability and adding value to your property.

Attending to tree and palm health problems as they arise can prevent decline and future need for removal, while improper diagnosis and treatment of a problem may cause more damage than the initial health concern.

Logical Tree Management offer control and management solutions for a range of common pests and diseases, including:
– Elm Leaf Beetle
– Psyllid and lerp
– Scale
– Mealybugs
– Caterpillars
– Aphids
– Pear and Cherry Slug
– Phytophthora, and Armillaria disease
– Possums

Our trained plant health care staff can assist with diagnosis and discuss management options best suited to your situation.

Your trees, our care . . .