Garden Mulch Delivery

Regularly applying mulch to your garden beds can reduce watering requirements and enhance your soil improving soil structure, and adding nutrients essential for healthy plant growth, while helping to suppress weeds.

Mulch forms a layer over the soil surface that assists in retaining soil moisture for use by plants, helping reduce watering requirements. As mulch breaks down organic matter is incorporated into the upper soil layer encouraging the activity of beneficial soil organisms.  The activity of soil biota  promotes a balanced soil, encouraging healthy root growth by adding nutrients to the soil, increasing soil aeration and water movement through the soil, and can enhance soil water holding capacity.

Additionally, mulch reduces runoff and soil erosion particularly on sloped sites.  Eliminating grass from around the base of trees and shrubs can reduce mechanical damage to the base of trees and shrubs caused by lawn mowers and weed trimmers.  Mulch can also inhibit weed germination and is a natural alternative to managing weed growth.

Talk to our staff about our garden mulch delivery service. When our crews are next in your area we can deliver to your door.

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