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Storm Damage

A series of significant wind events has wracked Melbourne suburbs over recent months causing partial and, in some cases complete tree failure. Logical Tree Management has been heavily involved in emergency works and the subsequent clean-up process, removing trees that have suffered complete failure from ground level, as well as the dismantling and removal of […]

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Non-Destructive Tree Root Investigations

The Logical Tree Management team have extensive experience in the use of compressed air technology to undertake a wide range of non-invasive investigations. The Air Spade® is a hand held tool that turns highly pressurised air from a standard compressor into digging power to excavate around tree roots in a manner that is gentle, safe, […]

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Palm Transplanting

The universally recognised silhouette of palms stands them apart as iconic landscape elements adding aesthetic and architectural interest to landscapes.  As single stemmed ‘trees’ they create strong vertical landscape elements and can be used to define areas, add texture, and rhythm to the landscape, and can even be used to convey tropical ambience. Unlike woody trees, […]

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