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Giant Pine Scale Update

Giant pine scale has now been found in isolated pockets outside the original two declared restricted areas. As a result, the two restricted areas have now been merged and expanded to the northeast. You can help control this outbreak by: reporting any white, waxy secretions you see on the trunks of pine, fir or spruce […]

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Success at the Victorian Tree Climbing Championships

Logical Tree Management boys doing a fantastic job at the recent Victorian Tree Climbing Championships held in Gembrook on 13th, 14th and 15th of February. Matthew Pearson first time entrant came first in the Students Throw Line event. Sam Booth came first in the Master Speed Climb. Anton Serwylo won the Masters Foot Lock event taking […]

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Pest Alert – Giant Pine Scale

A recent arrival in Australia, Giant Pine Scale naturally occurs in Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis) forests of Greece and other Mediterranean countries. A sap sucking insect, in its natural environment it plays an important role in the production of honeydew honey to the extent where the Greek Ministry of Agriculture set out to artificially inoculate […]

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Logical Tree Management expands operations

With a continually expanding client base and ever increasing demand for its services, Logical Tree Management recently expanded its fleet, acquiring an additional mulch truck and wood chipper, and significantly increasing operational capacity. The expanded fleet has resulted in a corresponding increase in staff. Two crews now operate with eight field staff and we welcome […]

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2014 Victorian Tree Climbing Championships

Logical Tree Management has always been a firm supporter of regional and national climbing championships believing that they foster a great sense of community and provide an excellent platform for the exchange of arboricultural knowledge and practices.  Present throughout the day are the various sponsors of the VTIO (Victorian Tree Industry Organisation) and the industry […]

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Hay fever trials in Lygon Street

Tree Logic was involved in recent trials in Lygon Street Melbourne in a bid to reduce hay-fever symptoms thought to be caused by the London Plane Trees as reported in the Daily Mail.  The Tree Logic developed Smart-Shot Injector was used to inject the trees along Lygon Street.  Read more . . .

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I have been intrigued by the intricate murals that result from its occupation of otherwise barren nooks and crannies on almost any surface, given long enough.  Yet until recently my understanding of lichen was I realised, remote and largely ignorant. When a client enquired as to whether they should remove the lichen from their tree on […]

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Untapped potential – Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizal fungi form close, mostly mutually beneficial relationships with host plant roots, facilitating water and nutrient uptake by the plant to improve growth, sustain plant health, as well as improving soil quality. The benefits to the horticultural, agricultural industries in using mycorrhizal inoculums could potentially be enormous. Download the fact sheet.   Soils support a […]

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