2014 Victorian Tree Climbing Championships

anton-VTCCLogical Tree Management has always been a firm supporter of regional and national climbing championships believing that they foster a great sense of community and provide an excellent platform for the exchange of arboricultural knowledge and practices.  Present throughout the day are the various sponsors of the VTIO (Victorian Tree Industry Organisation) and the industry in general providing new machinery and equipment to make our lives easier and safer.

The nature of our industry necessitates that we work in small teams which can limit the exchange of new ideas, work methods or practices.  As such we strongly recommend that all our climbing arborists enter the competition and be immersed in the industry for a day.

There are a number of different events throughout the day that test climber’s skills in a variety of different ways.  These include the foot lock (which is a method of ascending a rope to gain access to the tree), a speed climb (a more traditional methods of access a tree), an aerial rescue of a manikin, a work climb (aimed to simulate pruning a tree), a throw line competition (throwing a small weighted bag attached to a fine line to gain tree access) and finally a master competition for the best that is a combination of several of the smaller events.

This year we had 2 climbers enter the men’s open competition, Josh Cook and Sam Booth and 1 enter the master’s competition, Anton Serwylo.  We would like to congratulate all our contestants for outstanding results across the day.  Sam Booth came 1st in the men’s open for the total points scored.  Josh cook came 8th overall but placed well in the aerial rescue with 3rd place.  Anton Serwylo achieved 2nd overall points position in the master’s, and then achieved 3rd in the final masters climb.

These are outstanding results for a small crew and Logical Tree Management encourages all its climbing arborists to continue to enter competitions and improve their skills.  Anton will be entering into the National Tree Climbing Championships on December 6th.  We wish him all the best in the next competition!